Junior Carnival #6 - Point Leo

Sun, 23 Feb
from 7:30am to 4:30pm

by Daryn Marcus
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Time zone: Melbourne
Reminder: None
Ends: 04:30pm (duration is about 9 hours)


Ticket sales for this event ended at 8:30 AM, 18 February 2020

Junior Carnival 6 (Program attached)

Please pay your entry fee via “Tickets” on this page. Remember to add your child’s name and age group to the Notes section on the Checkout page.

Parent duties will be allocated in the week leading up to the event.

Point Leo Foreshore Reserve access – Cars will not have to provide
payment on arrival. This fee is included in the carnival entry fee.

Parking and Club Trailers -
The club car park will be restricted to club trailers, no cars will be permitted to stay in this area. Parking is available in
the adjacent grass area and will be clearly signed. Please refer to the attached map.

Club Tents – Clubs are required to make sure that their tents are correctly weighted down. Please note that star pickets or pegs are not to be used.

Club Cap – A reminder that all athletes are required to wear their club tie up caps as the most outer cap. Silicone swimming caps are not permitted as the outer cap.

Meetings and Event Time -
6:30am: Set Up Commences. Parent on duty must report to Carnival / Deputy Carnival Referees.
7:15am: Carnival Referee Briefing with Area Referees and ARRO’s
7:30am: Officials meeting to be conducted in front of the LSV administration tent
7:45am: Team Managers meeting to be conducted in front of the LSV administration tent
8:15am: Marshal for events
8:30am: Events commence


Point Leo SLSC


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